let's go outdoors!


Going outdoors help fight childhood myopia! Here are 10 more tips to incorporate more outdoor time with your family.


  1. Visit parks with playgrounds. The number 1 thing children look forward to at parks are playgrounds so this one may come as a no-brainer. But do you know where the best well-hidden gems are at? (Think a train or pirate ship-themed playground.) Check out fellow parent blogger Cheekiemonkie's list of Best Outdoor Parks and Little Day Out's list of Top 10 Best Sand Play Areas.

  2. We know weekend time is precious and groceries need to be stocked so shopping malls are ideal hang-out places for family. Why not head to malls with outdoor playgrounds? Here's Kidlander's list of Top 10 malls with playgrounds.

  3. Looking to dine out with your little ones? Incorporate more family bonding through having BBQs or picnics outdoors. Instead of preparing a meal by yourself, have your children take part in the food preparation as this will teach them teamwork skills and bring lots of fun in the kitchen. Scratching your head over easy-to-make recipes? Martha Stewart shows how you can whip something up with your children.

  4. Many find that children these days are IT-savvy but are lacking in psycho-motor skills. Ensure your child enjoys a holistic childhood by encouraging him or her to pick up simple physical activities such as kite-flying or a sport such as soccer.  

  5. Initiate your child to Singapore's natural surroundings through joining Singapore's nature society, especially if he or she has a keen interest in animal and plant sciences. If your child is not keen or suitable for vigorous physical activities and gravitates towards the arts, he or she can still have a ball of a time outdoors through outdoor photography or art classes available at the community centres. 

  6. Some parents find themselves tugging at their hair when it is the school holidays, as school holidays mean having to play an exhausting list of things to do for their children. One easy solution to this is to enrol your child for an outdoor camp. Not only is this beneficial for your child's eye health, it teaches him or her independence and people skills. Singapore for Kids is a great website with lists of camps and other things to keep your children entertained.

  7. Is tuition time the reason why outdoor time has to be compromised for your child? If so, why not consider enrolling him or her in education centres that combine education with outdoor play? For instance, Playdate Singapore organises outdoor storytelling sessions while Terraminds conducts science education classes through nature-learning. 

  8. Not looking to travel too far out? Bringing your child to the void deck and neighbourhood playgrounds is a good way to hit the target outdoor time and for your child to socialise and make new friends.

  9. Time to rediscover the parks in Singapore. Did you know there are many free planting workshops, nature trails, storytelling sessions and movie screenings held by Nparks that you and your child can attend? Stay updated with the abundance of events Nparks has in store!

  10. Lastly, download our Seeker's Trail Activity Booklets, print them and have fun at a park near you!