Tucked quietly in a corner outside 313's food court on level 5 is a hidden gem. Just outside the doors of Food Republic are tall green leafy pillars and a playground amidst a city view. It is easy to walk past it if you do not know of its location but the playground promises an idyllic resting place as well as a surprise in store for your child.

The playground at the front, albeit small and minimal, is filled with educational games that will keep young children ages up to 3 occupied and entertained. 

Because its location is pretty well-hidden, 313's Sky Terrace playground provides an quiet and relaxed alternative to the other popular and crowded playgrounds. We love how the location is convenient and strategically positioned right outside a food court where you could relax with your children after a bowl of iced kachang. But what really took the cake for us, was the NEOS Wall at the back of the playground which was unbeknownst to us hitherto to our visit.


What is the NEOS Wall, you ask? It is an electronic platform that combines physical activities with electronic games. There are nine different games available coupled with three different skill levels that makes it suitable for ages 2-12. Two players can amp it up by playing with each other and pushing the buttons in time according to the gameplay.

We were glad to have discovered this gem of a playground! So next time when you are shopping in town and you are in need of a respite from the crowd, head up to 313's Sky Terrace playground.