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The Seek Singapore Campaign was launched with our eyes set on one common goal: to inspire and empower parents in ensuring a new generation of healthy, confident and bright-eyed Singaporean children. To achieve this goal, Seek Singapore is targeted at parents to take charge of their children's eye health at an early age by bringing them outdoors regularly, so as to combat early childhood myopia. 

Why the need for our campaign?

Who is Seek SG supported by?

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Meet the team behind SEEK


Seek SG is conceived by four Nanyang Technological University students of Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information. After tossing campaign ideas around for many hours at a cafe, a group of children caught their eye. They had their gaze transfixed to their electronic device, paying no heed to their environment. Almost immediately, the Seek team came to a unanimous decision  to help Stop the Eye Epidemic in Kids. Seek SG was hence born from that day forth.


Jermaine liaises with our major partners and has a talent for digital illustrations and publication design. She spearheads the Seeker's Trail booklets project.

jermaine lim

Project Manager & Illustrator

"As a child, I always wanted to wear glasses not knowing the consequences of myopia. Now, I want to educate parents and children on myopia."


Joshua is the go-to person for sponsors and soft-media publicity. He also acts as the spokesperson for our campaign.


Sponsorship & Publicity Manager

"Even if there's a slight chance that myopia will lead to blindness, don't take it."



Suzanna's strengths lie in research, public relations and events management. She is the contact person for media enquiries.


Research Analyst & Public Relations Manager

"Your eyes are precious because they help you see the world."




Evonne is in charge of the overall brand aesthetics from collateral design to photos and videos, and anything digital. She also manages the website and social media.


Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager

"I have my parents to thank for for having a near-perfect vision. I remember cycling and catching grasshoppers every weekend with them."

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